#olsx #ONN Syrian Embassy 190712 @righttoprotest

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19 Jul 2012 20:45 BST

5:15Imagine To Be Us:

where is this?

5:31Imagine To Be Us:

i restream it in the syrian livestream

5:37Imagine To Be Us:

ah london

6:05Imagine To Be Us:

http://www.livestream.com/syrianfreedom?t=410001 over here

6:14Imagine To Be Us:

72 viewers

6:32Imagine To Be Us:

thank you

6:44Imagine To Be Us:

tell the people what you are doing..

6:52Imagine To Be Us:

they are from japan usa, europe

6:56Syrian Freedom:

greetings to London (())

7:35Syrian Freedom:

we are with you and the syrian people!! Syria will be free soon :)

10:27Imagine To Be Us:

Great to see the solidarity

16:06Imagine To Be Us:

the whole world has to go outside on the street

16:15Syrian Freedom:

wow, thank you for the nice protest:)

18:42Imagine To Be Us:

is occupy also there?

19:08Imagine To Be Us:

ok i understood there are occupyers

19:15Imagine To Be Us:


19:55Imagine To Be Us:

imagine2bus is our nickname on facebook lets connect!!

20:01Syrian Freedom:

free free Syria V V V

21:12Imagine To Be Us:

i will ask in chat moment

22:27Imagine To Be Us:

http://www.livestream.com/syrianfreedom?t=410001 restreaming

23:02Imagine To Be Us:

what do you think how long does it take to get assad out

23:08Syrian Freedom:

you can enjoy us on our stream :)

23:20Syrian Freedom:

thank you London!!!

23:34Syrian Freedom:

Free Free Syria soon!!!!!

23:57Syrian Freedom:

take care !!!!

23:57Imagine To Be Us:

no questions from chat.. they just enjoy what you are doing.. keep the spirit alive

24:18Imagine To Be Us:

what do you think about the veto of china and russia

24:26Syrian Freedom:

bye bye London!!b:)

25:55Syrian Freedom:

great guys, nice to meet you

25:55Imagine To Be Us:

stop eating stroganoff and chinese food

25:58Imagine To Be Us:

what are they singin?

26:01Imagine To Be Us:

Broadcast no longer live

anonymouslegion 19 Jul 2012 21:25 BST

assad has supposed to have 'fled' Damascas


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