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Tho phuong 08.11.2015 - Giang luan: Ms. Kim Ha
Thu nam Boi linh 22.10.2015 - Truyen giang: Ms. Tran Manh Hung (Berlin)
Thu tu Boi Linh 21.10.2015 - Giang luan: Ms. Tran Manh Hung (Berlin)
Felles gudstjeneste 18.10.2015 Leder: Mimi. Taler: Pastor Frank og BettyKim
Tiec ID-day 04.10.2015 - Thong cong
Konfirmasjon ID-day 04.10.2015 - Giang luan: Ms. Kim Ha
Tho phuong 16.08.2015 - Giang luan: Ms. Nha - To phu Duc tin Apraham
Tho phuong 02.08.15 - Tranh ve - Lam chung
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