Barton Moss 24.03.14 @bartonmoss #onn #fracking #olsx #policebrutality

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24 Mar 09:05 GMT

1:52Joan Smith:

Good Morning Tristan


Morning Guys


Morining Tristan


wheres your mate with the camra lol

4:24Robert Loki:

2 pips taking bullhit


morning from Warrington


Morning from Runcorn

6:15Robert Loki:

east sussex watching

6:26Scar Sugarplums:

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii from UK South

6:59John Greywolf Burgess:

Morning tristan hope you feeling better

7:16Robert Loki:

thats not a law

7:30Steve Walmsley:

morning trist morning all

7:32Pete Roberts:

Morning Anti-fracking Warrington shared and watching

7:32Pete Roberts:

morning,shared :)

7:32Pete Roberts:


7:32Pete Roberts:

morning guys

7:42John Greywolf Burgess:

Morning Tristan


he can not enforce Health and safety he is not from the HSE

8:06Pete Roberts:

ooh sign in overkill

8:16Scar Sugarplums:


8:21John Greywolf Burgess:

Morning all

8:36Wendy Dick:

morning from Wiltshire

8:42John Greywolf Burgess:

Tristan you feeling better

9:00Scar Sugarplums:

bloody brill speach by Dan !!

9:15John Greywolf Burgess:

Yes he was

9:31Pete Roberts:

i'd vote for Dan!

9:37Scar Sugarplums:

less than 2 mins but his calm yet total passion was palpable

10:10John Greywolf Burgess:

Love Anne Power and Densis

10:14Scar Sugarplums:

tis white outside in the South today - is it the same @ BM Tristan?

10:38Scar Sugarplums:

-1 degrees, white frost

11:39Jaymee Jaymee:


11:39Jaymee Jaymee:


11:45Yvonne Riley:

Morning Tristan Im banned from the Moss otherwise I'd be there with you now.

12:04John Greywolf Burgess:

Snap simle tris you on Candid Camera

12:12Scar Sugarplums:

maybe they're building up a modelling portfolio for you Tris for after BM ;)

12:30John Greywolf Burgess:

lol Scar

12:35Jaymee Jaymee:

Yvonne, why was you banned?

12:48Scar Sugarplums:

or tis your red book for This is Your Life

13:00John Greywolf Burgess:

I got that song in my head dont touch me

13:25Steve Walmsley:

hammer time lol

13:34John Greywolf Burgess:


13:42John Greywolf Burgess:

does the jig

13:58Scar Sugarplums:

na na na na, don't touch me!

14:05John Greywolf Burgess:

should have that put on my t-shirt

14:16Jaymee Jaymee:

Think its time a website was created where each "police officer" who breaks the rules is named and shamed with his/her personal information made public


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