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This is documentation for Bambuser Live Streaming SDK.

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Bambuser Live Streaming SDK - Documentation

Bambuser enables app developers and businesses to incorporate live video broadcasting in their apps via a suite of SDKs and APIs for multiple platforms.

These pages are meant to guide developers from the basics - implementing live broadcasting from their own apps in minutes - all the way to building a complete broadcasting solution for their business.

Live streaming made easy

Overview of an end-to-end setup

1) Start a broadcast

Implement a broadcasting app, use the off-the-shelf app (found on App Store (opens new window) and Google Play (opens new window)) or stream using RTMP.

2) Get the broadcast's Resource URI

A Resource URI is a pointer to a broadcast.

Resource URIs can be had via Webhooks or the API (opens new window).

3) Play the broadcast

Pass the broadcast's signed Resource URI to your viewing app or website.

Set-up a player and configure it with the Resource URI.

You're done!

From here Bambuser takes care of everything behind the scenes. Video is delivered in a format suitable for the viewer's device and streamed in multiple qualities which lets the player adapt to network conditions.