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2 years ago via webcam

8 May 2012 00:29 CEST


Good afternoon, anchorpeeps.


Aww, man... Goober died?!

11:03Tommy Campbell:

hey anchors, greetings from charlotte

12:01R.c. Bottles:

<~~~RCBottles..You're not crazy-Jon..just age challenged aren't we all?

12:50R.c. Bottles:

Goober was a decent QB in college..

15:50R.c. Bottles:

VOTE YES! (Amendment 1)

16:14Ransom Ivey:

vote NO!

16:23Tommy Campbell:

vote NO

16:58Manda FBB:

Anybody home?? =) *waves*

17:24Tommy Campbell:

waving from charlotte

17:29R.c. Bottles:

2 liberal universities in 919 AC too

17:35Manda FBB:

Concord atm

17:53Manda FBB:

Hey Michelle =) Hi Jon

18:06R.c. Bottles:

Jon's goona turn Into a boiled egg! LOL


Leave the Constitution alone. It isn't broken.


Michelle-you missed an intense wiffle ball game

18:41R.c. Bottles:

After tomorrow-the state constitution will be judt fine!

18:42Manda FBB:

Picky around?

19:06Tommy Campbell:

Speak Up Jon

19:38Manda FBB:

Just had three guys come mow the grass *happydance*

19:40Tommy Campbell:

lol boiled eggs or spoiled

19:44R.c. Bottles:

got all that!

19:46Ransom Ivey:

this is hilarious!

19:48R.c. Bottles:


19:51Ransom Ivey:

first time watching

20:04Manda FBB:

Welcome Ransom =)

20:16Ransom Ivey:


20:20Tommy Campbell:

michelle i miss seeing you on tv every day

20:23R.c. Bottles:

FB here...

21:34R.c. Bottles:

LOL!! Idon't liike AARP!! They make you feel OLD! <grin>

21:54Tommy Campbell:

i tried to strech my torn in half

24:22R.c. Bottles:

oooh! I jes Luv Michele's Southern Twang! Fiddle Dee-Dee!

28:28R.c. Bottles:

I know folks in Lexington/Columbia, Sc..they say Elllis's nickname was "GOD"-because he was Never wrong!! <LOL>


broadcast gold as usual

29:30Manda FBB:

Glad I made it for a while...will try to get back at 10 if possible

29:42R.c. Bottles:


29:58R.c. Bottles:

but i AM kin to Elliott Hunter!

30:28Manda FBB:

later Buserbuddies!

32:50R.c. Bottles:

I'll besure not to miss :10:00 news--Doggonit!
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sharon sherwood 9 May 2012 00:41 CEST



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