@Michael__Price Piano session 1 - 15.05.2012 (Starts at 33:00)

2 years ago via webcam

15 May 2012 20:25 CEST

21:04Natalie Millman:

Hi i just found this - seems you're doing this at the piano, but what kind of configuaration do you use for notating on the computer? I know Sibelius is highly regarded (really expensive though) and I currently have Finale.

22:11Emmy Morrisroe:

Oh my, is that Bagpuss? I adore Bagpuss!

22:15Natalie Millman:

oh, and is your piano a Yamaha?

22:35Michael Price:

Hi Natalie - I do use Sibelius myself, and think it's great. Not sure if you can get a discount?

22:47Michael Price:

and yes, it's a Yamaha U3!

23:04Michael Price:

Bagpuss does all the real work.

23:15Natalie Millman:

Heck yes I was right. I have a Yamaha piano myself

23:28Michael Price:

great - which one?

23:45Natalie Millman:

I'm not sure but aside from color it looks awfully like yours

23:49Monika Berberich:

Hi everyone!

23:49Monika Berberich:

Hi there Bagpuss!

23:49Monika Berberich:

Hi there Bagpuss!!!

23:49Monika Berberich:

Hi there Bagpuss! ;)

24:06Antony Westgate:

Loving Bagpus too!

24:06Antony Westgate:

Bagpus! That's genius :)

24:16Natalie Millman:

*awfully as used in 'exceptionally'

24:16Monika Berberich:

oh well...sorry for the spam!

24:18Emmy Morrisroe:

Hahaha :D

24:37Michael Price:

Hi Monika + Antony+Emmy!

24:51Natalie Millman:

Oh my gosh this is just so cool - thanks for doing this!

24:56Monika Berberich:

so where are you, Michael? sitting behind the piano? ;)

24:58Michael Price:

just finishing my tea, will be starting at 8

25:13Michael Price:

He he - you haven't heard anything yet . . .

25:29Antony Westgate:

Hey Michael, presure's on my friend, hope you're up to the task tonight ;0)

26:02Emmy Morrisroe:

Hi Michael! This is too awesome - made my day already! :D

26:13Kristina Manente:

I hope we at least get an 'Ode to Bagpuss,' during this.


This beats shading in the quavers in my composition coursework...


Evening Sir, evening Bagpuss. :o)

26:34Michael Price:

Evening all!

27:23Monika Berberich:

wow 127 views already!

27:34Karina Craske:

Who else is excited? :D

27:40Michael Price:

@nomeg2 - you can record what I play and send that in instead. Although I can't imagine it'll get many marks!

27:42Monika Berberich:

here here!!


Evening! (Or afternoon for me.) In honor of Miss Maud, my cats Stanley and Stella will be watching with me. :)

28:04Alice Stamataki:

Evening! What a beautiful piano! I mean, cat! Sorry, sir Bagpuss. You're very beautiful too.

28:04Alice Stamataki:


28:12Michael Price:


28:20Monika Berberich:

where about are you MillionDollarBash?


Evening Sir, evening Bagpuss. :o)

28:49Michael Price:

Bagpuss is clearly in charge


haha it's ok I've already done the work - now it just needs a cover page with composers notes etc

29:13Michael Price:

@nomeg - nice! All the heavy lifting done. Good job!

29:19Monika Berberich:

are you sure Bagpuss is a cat though? :D

29:19Antony Westgate:

If a dog can win Britain's Got Talent, I've got high hopes for Bagpus!

29:55Monika Berberich:


29:56Andrew Skipper:

Is the map right? You're in the Yorkshire Dales?

30:02Michael Price:

He can do tricks, and everything!

30:04Christopher Watson:

This must be as nerve racking as a concert!

30:26Michael Price:

@Christopher Just slightly more bizarre!


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