How to create a live video player app

All Bambuser broadcasts are available in several different formats, for playback on all popular platforms. The Bambuser solution automatically provides the most suitable format and quality depending on the circumstances. Broadcasts can be viewed live or on-demand from the archive, in your mobile app or in a browser, with low latency and excellent scalability.

How to play a broadcast

  1. Integrate the Bambuser player components and your applicationId into your mobile apps, and integrate the Bambuser player on your website
  1. Find available broadcasts, usually through our API, and pick one for playback

  2. Pass the broadcast's resourceURI to the player component

How we deliver video

The Bambuser players negotiate with the Bambuser backend to receive video in the most suitable format. The backend can produce HTTP Live Streaming, Flash Video over HTTP or RTMP, Fragmented MP4 over WebSocket and more. The Bambuser player will smoothly transition between various video qualities depending on the current network bandwidth.

Bambuser broadcasts are distributed through a CDN that can automatically scale up to handle a very large audience.