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Did you come here for Live Video Shopping?

This is documentation for Bambuser Live Streaming SDK.

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How to live stream video on Bambuser from Wirecast

Wirecast is a widely recognized live broadcasting tool. It is really easy to learn and has great CPU optimization so your productions always run smoothly. You can do a lot with Wirecast and it runs both on Windows as well as on Mac.


  1. Download and install Wirecast (opens new window). Commercial product (demo version available)

  2. Create an RTMP input (opens new window) in the Content Manager (opens new window). Keep the generated values safe as anyone with your RTMP credentials may broadcast to your account.

  1. In Wirecast open Output/Output settings and select RTMP Server from the dropdown list

  2. Copy the url value from the created RTMP input and paste it to the Address field in Wirecast

  3. Copy the key value from the created RTMP input and paste it to the Stream field in Wirecast

  1. Press OK

  2. Select your desired capture devices (camera, audio, desktop etc.) and press the Stream button

Once this is done you’ll be able to start a stream and it will be sent directly into the Content Manager (opens new window)