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Did you come here for Live Video Shopping?

This is documentation for Bambuser Live Streaming SDK.

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LiveStreaming with OBS

Open Broadcaster Software is a very popular desktop streaming application.


  1. Download and install OBS (opens new window).

  2. Create an RTMP input in the Dashboard (opens new window). Keep the generated values safe as anyone with your RTMP credentials may broadcast to your account.

  1. Navigate to Preferences in OBS.
  1. Navigate to the Stream panel category and paste the RTMP credentials from the dashboard into their respective fields.
  1. If you have no video or audio sources, we’ll need to add some by clicking on the + under the Sources pane.
  1. In this scenario we’ll add an existing audio source named Mic/Aux.
  1. We’ll click on the + once more to add a new Video Capture Device named FaceTime HD Camera.
  1. We might need to stretch our video source to fill the entire output.
  1. Click Start Streaming. Voilà! You’re live. You can view your broadcast in the Content Manager (opens new window).



If latency is more important than quality for your use case, you can enable the zerolatency preset at the risk of dropping a few frames. Navigate to Settings, Output and under Output Mode select Advanced. Then set Tune to zerolatency.

Quality vs. Cost

We can also adjust the output resolution if we want a higher quality stream, or reduce it if we want to save on streaming costs. Navigate to settings, and set Output Resolution to your desired value.