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Service Level Agreement

1.0 Service levels

  • 1.1 Bambuser shall be up and running 24/7/365, with the exception for time during scheduled maintenance as set out above in Section 2.1. The term “availability” as used in this section means general availability of the intended functionality of the Service.
  • 1.2 Upon Bambuser’s failure to uphold agreed availability during a calendar month, the Customer shall, as sole and exclusive remedy, be entitled to a reduction of the monthly fee for the service in accordance with the table below:

        Availability in          % Credit





  • 1.3 Service level credits shall, unless otherwise agreed between the Parties, be settled against the monthly fee for the third subsequent calendar month after the origin of the right to service level credit, i.e. if the right to service level credit arose during March the monthly fee for June shall be reduced with the applicable percentage.
  • 1.4 In order to receive service level credits, the Customer must notify Bambuser within thirty (30) days from the first occurrence of failure to uphold agreed availability in order for the Customer to receive a service credit. The Customers notification must include the dates and times of alleged unavailability, including request logs that corroborate the claimed outage.
  • 1.5 Bambuser is not liable for any deviations from the agreed availability caused by the Customer’s negligence or misuse of the Service, Force Majeure or by the Customer’s external communication solution. Bambuser can, accordingly, not be held responsible for any deviations from agreed availability caused by deficit Internet access

Last updated 20 August 2020