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Bambuser is an end-to-end solution for live streaming. Effortlessly create engaging experiences in any app using our developer-friendly tools and fully managed live video platform.

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Start streaming right away

Easily integrate our broadcast SDK in your app, use the ready-to-use Bambuser app or stream directly using RTMP.

Let us do the heavy lifting

Don’t worry about building, scaling or maintaining your own infrastructure. Our technology has been fine-tuned for ultra-low latency, adaptability and reliability for over 10 years.

Tailor to your audience

Create advanced workflows and engaging user experiences in your app using our white-label, multi-platform player SDKs and APIs.

Our Solution

Use our solution end-to-end or integrate the pieces you need in your existing infrastructure

Developer tools and infrastructure

Live video infrastructure & CDN

Use our scalable streaming pipeline with built-in adaptive quality-switching and VOD.

Adapts to all network conditions!

Multi-platform broadcast SDK

Create your own live streaming app using our SDKs for iOS and Android.

Be up and running in less than an hour!

Multi-platform video players

Show your live streams in your app or on your website using our players.

100% White label!

Powerful APIs

Build advanced workflows with our APIs.

Webhooks make developers happy campers!

Ready-to-use production tools

Content manager

Manage your videos in our cloud-based content manager.

Zero configuration required!

Bambuser broadcasting app

Need to start broadcasting right away? Distribute our app inside your organization. Built on our Broadcast SDK.

Per-seat pricing


Use the sliders below to find the plan for your organization. Bambuser will show you the right plan below based on your streaming needs.


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Starter, Medium and Large plans include full access to the platform, SDKs and broadcaster app.


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Max 2 concurrent broadcasts

Max 5 viewers

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No SDI support

No RTMP outputs

Max 3 concurrent broadcasts


Total incl. variable costs:
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Cheaper unit pricing

No limitations


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go home!


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Cheapest unit pricing

No limitations


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Unit prices
Viewing hours {{ costForViewingString(starter) }} {{ costForViewingString(medium) }} {{ costForViewingString(large) }}
Processing hours {{ costForProcessingString(starter) }} {{ costForProcessingString(medium) }} {{ costForProcessingString(large) }}
Storage {{ costForStorageString(starter) }} {{ costForStorageString(medium) }} {{ costForStorageString(large) }}
Bambuser app seats
Signifies users of the Bambuser app and content manager.
Not applicable for integrations of Bambuser SDKs into other apps.
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Video viewing hours:

Total amount of video viewed live/on-demand in hours per month.

A viewing hour is a combination of how many viewers watch your live and/or recorded streams and for how long, for example:

  • 1 viewer is watching your streams for 1 hour = 1 viewing hour
  • 60 viewers watch your streams for 1 minute each = 1 viewing hour
  • 100 viewers watch your streams for 1 hour each = 100 viewing hours

Video processing hours:

Total amount of video broadcasted live in hours per month.


Total amount stored in gigabytes (GB) in video and photo content. Storage is charged per month based on the highest recorded amount during the month. If you are using our SDKs in your mobile app you can opt-out of on-demand viewing and thereby reduce your storage consumption.

Bambuser app seats:

Total amount of additional users/seats in your company with access to the Bambuser broadcasting app and/or content manager. The first seat is always included free of charge.

Use Cases

Creating a live trivia app with Bambuser SDKs

The popularity of mobile live video has exploded during the past year from game show apps. It has created a new method of engagement both for viewers and broadcasters.

Live video streaming with drones

Enhancing commercial uses of drones with live video streaming through Bambuser's live video pipeline.

Incorporating live video in a weather app

A unique way of sourcing user-generated content to engage users with Bambuser SDKs integrated in a weather app.