October 2023

Maximize your ROI: 5 Video Commerce Mistakes to Avoid

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Working with Social Video Commerce is a sure way to future-proof your Ecommerce, but are you getting enough return on your investment? 

The value of Social Video Commerce goes far beyond creating a show and interacting with an audience. Today we share some of the proven ways you can capitalize on your content in order to skyrocket your results - and your ROI.


Mistake #1
Not Integrating Your Videos on PDPs

Bambuser data shows that the vast majority of your results - both in terms of sales and views - happen on-demand. Capitalizing on this is sure to boost your results. 

Integrating your Social Video Commerce content directly on your product detail pages (PDPs) is a great way to not only increase sales directly from the content you create, but also improve your conversion rates overall.

Bambuser client Pai Skincare reported  an uplift in sales of up to 87% on products with video snippets featured on PDPs. Another Bambuser client in the beauty industry reports a 3x higher conversion rate on pages with Social Video Commerce content compared to PDPs without.

Mistake #2
Not Integrating Your Videos on PLPs

A similar opportunity for optimization is to integrate your Social Video Commerce content on your product list pages (PLPs). This will add an eye-catching editorial angle to your product catalog, as well as drive up conversion and the time spent on your site.

Bambuser client The White Company London has done exactly this, and they reported a whopping 28% increase in visit duration. 

In a highly competitive Ecommerce landscape, those extra minutes with a customer are worth a lot.

Mistake #3
Not Making Your Top Performing Content Shoppable

Do you want a quick way to enrich your site with highly converting content - without the need for additional resources and lengthy content creation processes? Use what you already have.

Look at your socials: What short form videos perform the best on your Instagram, TikTok and Facebook pages? Chances are, they will also resonate with the customers on your website. 

Upload these bite-sized gems to your Bambuser hub, integrate them across your website - preferably on relevant PDPs - and there’s your highly converting, shoppable content in an instant. A great way to get all the benefits without draining resources.

Mistake #4
Not Adding Navigation to Your Content Library

As your content library grows, so does the need to filter. Make it as easy as possible for your audience to find what they are looking for.

A great way to do so is by adding navigation to your Social Video Commerce universe. Allow your customers to filter on topics, product categories, brands or even hosts and guests - depending on what suits your brand.

That way, you avoid overwhelming your customers and allow them to find the content they need seamlessly, whenever they need it. It is a great way to ensure your content will be relevant and thriving for months to come.

Mistake #5
Not Making the Most of Lead Capture

Cutting through the noise in today’s media landscape is a real challenge. Your customers all live busy lives, and getting them to tune in to your show live can be difficult with distractions abound.

This is where lead capture and notifications come into play. 

Building out dedicated sign-up functions has been a real game changer for many of Bambuser’s clients by helping them convert view into views. When advertising your upcoming shows, give your audience an option to sign up for reminders via text, e-mail, app notifications via wallet or even your own, native app.

This not only allows you to forecast your audience more precisely, it also ensures the people who have signed up will be able to enjoy your content live and be a part of the conversation, which is so valuable to Social Video Commerce.

By keeping these 5 common mistakes at bay, you’ll be able to use Social Video Commerce to its full potential, maximize your revenue and even have fun in the process.

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