Get closer
to your customers

Increase conversion and boost brand loyalty with Bambuser's Shoppable Video Calling tool
Drop in or schedule appointments
Native checkout and add-to-cart
Simultaneously compare products

A shopping experience with powerful ecom possibilites

For the first time ever, increase sales by bridging the gap between online and in-store shopping.

Only with One-to-One
one to one - customer perspective
An enriching & exciting
customer experience
Customer queries are solved by dropping-in or scheduling One-to-One sessions on your site
Customers chat and shop on-screen with your chosen agents in real-time
Shopping, add-to-cart and checkout are seamless, fluid and familiar
one to one - sales perspective
A powerful sales tool for
your agents
Agents chat with customers from in-store or at home via smartphone or desktop
Searching for products to display, compare and sell is simple and intuitive
Walk customers through product highlights and specific features in detail

Integrated seamlessly
into your site

Welcome customers to join One-to-One calls with just one click via the Overlay Widget - a branded pop-up that sits in the corner of your site.
bambuser integration demo

Explore products
side by side

Increase sales by displaying products alongside each other in the call.
bambuser one to one exploration demo

QR and Barcode scan

When your are working in-store, you can use the barcode scanner in the mobile app to easily present products in the call.

Co-browse with your customers

Share your screen with your customer to further empower your agents to successfully promote products and services. You’ll also be able to track which page your customer is looking at and receive notifications based on when customers interact with different sections of the site.
browsing one to one with customer demo

Popular features

Co-browsing & Screenshare

Screen sharing further supports agents to successfully promote your companies products and services.

Booking system

You can integrate with any booking system to offer your customers the chance to book appointments at a time that suits them.

Native site

Our technology can be embedded onto any ecommerce site so you maintain full control.

Search feature

Search and display products in the call, and checkout on-site.
Kjell One to one bambuser screenshot

Kjell & Company use Bambuser to upgrade their ecommerce experience

Frequently asked questions

Can I go live with both Drop in calls and Bookings on my website?
Indeed you can! You can choose the setup that works best for you and your customers - either both or just one!
Which booking systems can I integrate with?
You can integrate with any booking system! We have two verified plug n play solutions with Appointedd and Booxi today with more to follow.
How can I show products to the customer during a call? How does it work?
Take your conversation to the next level by searching for and presenting products to the customer during the call. Search for a keyword or scan the barcode if you’re using our app in your physical stores - we have a total of 5 ways you can fetch products and present them in the call.

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