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Beauty products are sold best when demonstrated by a professional who can offer personalized advice at the same time. This has always been challenging when it comes to traditional ecom, but not anymore thanks to Video Commerce.

Real Results for Organic Skincare Brand Pai

Natural skincare has been trending for long enough to reach its own plateau. That’s when independent, organic beauty brand Pai approached Bambuser with a challenge: help us achieve a wider following of loyal customers, and fast!

Activating the Bambuser One-to-Many solution nurtured deep connections with customers AND created a steady revenue stream, with conversion over 6X higher than industry average.

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of ecom revenue in 2021 generated
by Video Commerce


conversion rate driven
Video Commerce


Avg. chat engagement
in streams


One platform.
Unlimited potential.

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One platform.
Unlimited potential.

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Fully White-Labeled

10x Engagement with Social Video Commerce

Welcome infinite customers into highly engaging shoppable videos on your native site.

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Invite customers into shoppable video calls to offer the attention and advice they get in store.

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