The Bambuser community site

What happened to the Bambuser community site?

The Bambuser community site started in 2007 and ceased operation on 22/01/18, after that date, entry to the platform for non-paying users is denied. All “Premium” customers on set-term contracts retained access to the service for the duration of their existing contracts, and customers paying on a subscription basis retained use of the service until 31/05/2018.

Can my old content be retrieved?

It was possible to download content using a bulk download tool while accounts were active, and for a grace period of a few months after the shutdown. At this time, it is no longer possible to recover content from the Bambuser community site.

Why was the community site shut down?

There are many competitors in the field of consumer live broadcasting today, and we feel the market is saturated. We want to focus on our mobile live video platform, where we work as a technology provider and platform for others to implement mobile live streaming in their apps and on their websites.