$39 / mo
Best for small businesses
$399 / mo
Best for small to medium businesses
$1199 / mo
Best for large businesses with many viewers
Hours of video
25 hours
250 hours
1000 hours
Video delivery
25 GB
250 GB
1000 GB
On-Demand Storage
25 GB
250 GB
1000 GB
Global CDN
SDI / RTMP Out Support
Video Pipeline Access
SDK Access
API Access
Concurrent broadcasts
Included App Seats
Cost Per Extra Seat
$ 24
$ 12
$ 6
Overage Cost
Hours of video
$1.989 / h
$0.246 / h
$0.115 / h
Video Delivery
$0.378 / GB
$0.063 / GB
$0.050 / GB
On-Demand Storage
$0.265 / GB
$0.081 / GB
$0.039 / GB
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1. ^ Total amount of video produced in hours per month. The cost is for ingest and encoding (processing) of the the video to enable the best possible experience to viewers. Stream forwarding over RTMP is also counted towards your video hours.

2. ^ Total amount of video and photo data delivered to your viewers from the content delivery network in gigabytes (GB). 1 GB corresponds to roughly 1 viewing hour in 720p, 1.7 viewing hours in 540p and 3.7 viewing hours in 360p.

3. ^ Total amount of video and photo content stored in gigabytes (GB). Storage is charged per month based on the highest recorded amount during the month. If you are using our SDKs in your mobile app you can opt-out of on-demand viewing and thereby reduce your storage consumption. The amount of video stored is larger than the amount of video streamed. The stream is automatically transcoded to a number of formats and bitrates for adaptive delivery.

4. ^ Number of users/seats in your company with access to the Bambuser broadcasting app and/or content manager. The first seat is always included free of charge.