How do I get a resourceUri for my player section?

A signed resource URI is needed to play a live or archived broadcast, you can copy a signed resourceURI from the Content Manager or sign one manually by using your daId/daSecret credentials found on the Developer page.

copy resourceURI from content manager

If you want to play your latest video instead of a certain broadcast you can use a virtual resource URI instead of a signed one. You can generate a virtual resource URI setting desired criteria at the Developer page

More details on the Resource URI can be found in our documentation.

You can find our guides on playback here and more on Bambuser’s web player here.

How does video streaming with Bambuser work?

Streaming with Bambuser can be done in a number of ways.

Using the Bambuser Broadcaster app

We provide a premade app Broadcaster app for iOS and Android for live streaming directly into our content manager.

Integrating Bambuser SDKs in an app

With our Broadcast SDK you can add live streaming to your own apps. More on broadcasting can be found in our documentation.

Using a third party application as an RTMP input

It is also possible to use third party applications and devices that support the RTMP protocol.

Viewing Bambuser live streams

Viewing streams can be done in our content management tool when logged in. Streams can also be forwarded to other content delivery networks, to studios using SDI, embedded using our web player or in an app with our Player SDK.