Locking In Loyalty Through
Video Commerce

With design, functionality, and safety at heart, Japanese clothing brand Babydoll makes colorful styles for children's active daily life.



Determined to boost customer engagement online, Babydoll wanted more from its live-streaming efforts on Instagram.

  • Impacts on sales and revenue
were unclear
  • Limited options for interactivity
and engagement
  • Lack of user-friendly design
and execution

Seeking an easier, more interactive video experience with measurable results, Babydoll discovered Bambuser’s Social Video Commerce platform.

“We wanted a solution that was more engaging and exciting for our customers, but measurable and easy on our end. It was clear we needed a specialized platform”

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With Social Video Commerce on Bambuser’s platform, Babydoll immediately gained a  direct view of the revenue generated by live shopping events and actionable insights from each campaign.

Using Bambuser's Miniplayer and External Cameras features, Babydoll brought a more professional viewing experience to its live shopping customers, integrating the Cart functionality for a streamlined purchase process.

“Customer interaction and inclusivity are the core of our live shopping goals. Bambuser Social Video Commerce helps our customers feel seen, heard, and more connected to the Babydoll brand”

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By tracking live show performance, Bambuser’s Social Video Commerce enables Babydoll to better understand its customers and make more informed decisions, boosting brand loyalty, engagement, and sales.

Live shopping is now an integral part of Babydoll’s online strategy. Met with high praise from customers who love the interactive nature of the shows, Babydoll is now exploring store-specific live shows with Bambuser.

  • Seamless e-commerce integration
  • Increased engagement and live
video sales
  • Actionable customer insights and event analysis
  • Measurable impact on sales and revenue



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