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Veepee associates 60% of purchases and traffic to Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping


Veepee is the European leader in Event Sales, a concept created in 2001 where they offer daily, scheduled product discounts as large as 70% off, from some of the biggest brands in the world.

They have built an empire of 34 million members across 8 different countries and their success continues to grow.


Their objective was to propose to their members a new, interactive experience to discover products.

As market leaders, they wanted to reward their loyal customer base with a shopping experience that echoed their prestige - offering a shopping experience that would be remembered for its authenticity, enjoyability and effectiveness.

“The results achieved demonstrated the successes of this type of operation and clearly responded to the challenges and KPIs of our clients.”

Thomas Kouck, CEO, Veepee


Veepee benchmarked Bambuser against other solutions before unanimously choosing to partner with us due to our “reliability and the quality of the tool”. Through our state of the art technology, Veepee was able to introduce Live Video Shopping for some of their Events Sales.

Putting customer experience at the forefront of their mission, Veepee filmed with external cameras to enhance the quality of the shows, and capitalised on Bambuser’s D2C chat functionality to establish a new point of contact with their members base.

This is a really positive campaign because our members appreciate the innovative experience, we increase our sales and it also increases the brand awareness of our partners.

Jean-Paul Fournet, Development & Coordination Director, Veepee


As well as an increase in customer satisfaction, Veepee measured an increase in other KPIs such as sales and awareness. One show in particular has generated 12.5K viewers and the recorded replay functionality lengthened the sales cycle.

With the ability to promote and display the video long after the live show had finished, Veepee were able to justify any investment due to impressive ROI and a heightened understanding on how important customer experience is for sales.

They concluded that another factor of success was due to the charisma of the hosts and how well they explained the shopping functionality. Results from this show were record breaking where the like engagement rate was an impressive 7.1%. Future Live Video Shows are on the roadmap for Veepee in 2021.

The main trend of Bambuser shows demonstrates that 60% of purchases were made after the live show and the replay also generated more traffic to the products pages

Jean-Paul Fournet, Development & Coordination Director, Veepee



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