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Boosting Customer Loyalty in Fashion Through Video Commerce


Gerry Weber is a renowned German fashion retailer that has been around for over 50 years, offering top quality fashion choices to a diverse and international customer base. Gerry Weber aims to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for women of all ages by empowering them to be who they really want to be - inspiring self-determination for all women is the brand’s focus. As a Bambuser client, Gerry Weber has turned video commerce into a powerful brand loyalty booster as well as a successful sales channel.



In 2020, faced with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, renowned German fashion brand Gerry Weber, found itself contemplating how to maintain a connection with its customer base despite closed physical stores. The need to enhance the online shopping experience and engage with customers in a meaningful way became not only clear but imperative.

That’s when Gerry Weber decided to venture into the world of live video commerce. The brand initiated its journey with a Christmas live video event using Microsoft Teams in December 2020 and the positive feedback they received prompted further exploration of this avenue. Since 2023, Gerry Weber has been partnering with Bambuser to implement a modern, high-performing and seamless video commerce solution.


Solution and results

“Our customers love our live events and are already looking forward to the next one after each video. At the beginning, we had planned short live events of about 20 minutes, but then we quickly increased it to 30-45 minutes because customers gave us the feedback that they would like to have even longer live events’’.

Since partnering up with Bambuser in 2023, video commerce has become a successful sales channel for Gerry Weber, as well as a powerful tool to boost customer loyalty. The brand has not only showcased various styling combinations but delved into material details, fostering increased customer engagement. Gerry Weber customers have embraced the concept of live video commerce, expressing their anticipation for each live event and leading to extended broadcasting times. The ability to interact through live chats has been particularly well-received, creating a vibrant community among customers.

Gerry Weber takes pride in having established a dedicated fan base via video commerce with consistently high average viewing times.

Gerry Weber goes live twice a month, catering to different target groups. The content is strategically curated based on the actual collection at hand and relevant seasonal trends. The well-established fashion retailer effectively markets its shows through newsletters, social media platforms, and WhatsApp newsletters, primarily targeting female customers who love fashion and enjoy experimenting with different styles.

Gerry Weber adopts differentiated strategies in their video commerce shows, encompassing various themes, formats, hosts, and settings. This diversity allows the brand to cater to their audience effectively through a multi-disciplinary team of marketers, stylists and back-office collaborators.

The success of Gerry Weber’s video commerce strategy is continuously analyzed using turnover, unique visitors, and viewing time as key performance metrics, as well as customer feedback obtained through social media and live chat. The insights they collect are then used to inform their innovation and e-commerce initiatives.

“We are especially proud of the fact that we already have a video commerce fan base that never misses a live show. We are also very proud of our very high average viewing time.”

— Verena Kleinohl, Director Marketing & Brand Communication, Gerry Weber


What sets Gerry Weber’s Video Commerce apart?

  • Love for detail - every live is curated and tailored to the target audience’s needs.
  • Customer focus - customer feedback is implemented promptly.
  • Customer communication - allowing them to build a loyal video commerce fan base.
  • Professionalism - all live shows show a consistently professional setting.
  • Variety - showcasing different styling combinations and diversity in models, sizes and hosts.

Gerry Weber’s top tips for effective Video Commerce

Gerry Weber offers valuable insights for those entering or looking to improve their video commerce initiatives:

  • Dive in and learn from each live video show.
  • Connect sales with engaging narratives to entertain customers through storytelling.
  • Prioritize customer preferences and build stories around products that resonate with the audience.
  • Humanize the brand by showcasing the people behind the scenes.
  • Leverage in-house hosts who know the products and the customer base well.

Expanding Video Commerce reach and offering variety

In its commitment to diversity and variety, Gerry Weber operates across different cities, invites external guest hosts to their shows, such as renowned influencers and stylists, and collaborates with other brands to offer their customer base even more value.

Because their customers’ happiness and loyalty is at the top of their priorities, they also surprise customers with small goodies to say thank you or  promote their next live video commerce event.

Looking ahead, Gerry Weber aims to broaden its video commerce reach and explore new collaboration and content ideas. As an example, the fashion retailer envisions showcasing styles on different models in diverse sizes during live shows as one of the ways to offer variety and engage its audience. They are also planning to use excerpts of their live shows on social media and add them to the product detail pages on their website, while working closely with Bambuser to measure and optimize for success.

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