6 Creative Ways to Boost Sales Through Video Commerce

Video commerce is a truly versatile tool for driving revenue with opportunities for monetization going way beyond mere product sales.

Read on to discover six creative ways to use video commerce to boost your sales, add extra revenue streams and strengthen customer loyalty.


#1 Make Your Campaigns Shoppable

Why not add a shoppable layer to all those beautiful campaigns your company produces?

Next time you drop a new product launch or brand video, consider uploading it to your website through the Bambuser player, making it possible to convert into a sale directly from the digital ad itself. For full impact, you can add the video as a front-page banner instead of a regular, static one

#2 Monetize Your Popular Short-form Videos

The short-form videos trending on your social media channels are good indicators of what makes your audience tick.

Turn this knowledge into sales by uploading your most popular TikToks, Reels and Shorts across your website through Bambuser’s player to make them shoppable.

This will instantly bring your e-commerce space to life, save you time and resources on content creation, and offer a great opportunity to repurpose your content while ensuring it will be well received - your social media followers have already given it the green light, after all.

We recommend you place content like this on product detail pages (PDPs), product listing pages (PLPs) or in your inspirational web spaces (blogs, community hubs, etc.), depending on the specific content of the videos.

As a rule of thumb, product-focused content will probably be best placed on PDPs and PLPs, whereas ‘how to’ or inspirational content will probably do better on your blog.

#3 Launch a Digital Personal Shopping Experience

Modern consumers want the same shopping experience online as they get in-store. The great advantage to an in-store experience is the personalized recommendations and full attention they get from the store personnel.

Why not replicate this service on your website through a digital personal shopping experience? With Bambuser’s One-to-One technology, you can set up personal calls to guide customers in picking the exact products they need and give them personalized advice in real time - without ever leaving the comfort of their homes.

This solution works particularly well for department stores, high-ticket items and companies with broad product selections across all industries.

You will not believe the conversion rates our clients see from taking this approach - or you will, once you reap the benefits yourself.

#4 Use Video Commerce in Your Loyalty Program

Do you have a loyalty program or club? Consider offering video commerce experiences as an exclusive perk for members.

This could be offered in the form of a digital personal shopping experience, as described above, or as shoppable video content exclusively available to your loyalty program members.

If you prefer to have your events open to the general public, you can consider adding a layer of exclusivity by dropping members-only events sporadically in your content calendar or offer early access to certain content, for instance via an early-bird offer or email campaign.

This will help drive brand preference and take your loyalty program to the next level.

#5 Double Down on Exclusive Invitation-Only Events

Still on the topic of exclusivity, you can use Bambuser’s “Invite Only” functionality to create true VIP events.

Invite your top customers to attend exclusive, password-protected pre-launch video events, interviews with key opinion leaders (KOLs), celebrities or brand experts to thank them for their trust in your brand, and acknowledge how valuable they are to you.

You can even consider sending out goodie bags with refreshments for the attendees to enjoy during the event as an extra touch to create a true, phygital experience.

#6 Offer Video Commerce as Retail Media

Once you’ve built a thriving video commerce universe on your website, you can consider allowing your suppliers to buy airtime on your platform.

Retail media has been growing rapidly in recent years, and video commerce offers the perfect opportunity to add an extra revenue stream.

This approach works best for multi-brand retailers or businesses with a vast network of partners.

Ready to try these six sales-boosting tips? Start building your video commerce success today.

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