How to Live Stream an Event: The Ultimate Guide

Live streaming has become extremely popular in recent years, allowing people to broadcast videos online in real time. From beauty makeovers to cooking classes, live streaming has truly become a worldwide trend. While mastering the basics is simple, planning an engaging, top-quality live streaming experience that is tailored to the right audience requires a meticulous, detailed approach. Keep reading to learn some practical tips that can help create a superior livestream for your next event.

Keep reading to learn some practical tips that can help create a superior livestream for your next event.


What is a Live Streaming Event?

In a nutshell, a livestream uses the internet, a microphone, and a camera to create live online video streams of you and any chosen guests or video hosts. Anyone, anywhere, can now take part in your event online by watching the live stream.

Why Live Stream an Event?

Live streaming can help businesses reach a vast audience, providing an efficient way to enlighten and entertain your community members in real time.

Since it provides the option of experiencing live events from any place with an internet connection, the demand for live event streaming continues to grow. Live streaming an event allows you to:

  • Boost participation in your event online with people watching anywhere in the world.
  • Expand your brand’s reach worldwide.
  • Learn from your audience and share memorable moments with them.

The Benefits of Live Streaming Events

There are many benefits to live streaming events for your followers. For example, you can enhance brand awareness while creating or building up your online community. As people feel more connected to your brand, they may engage with your content more regularly, become devoted followers, and even share your content with others, effectively turning into advocates for your brand.

Live streaming also allows your business to generate revenue, either by making your live show shoppable or by offering a paid event for a select audience. Here are some other benefits to consider:

Better Engagement

Engagement is a critical element in driving the success of your video content strategy. It signifies the level of participation and interaction with your audience. Live streaming can dramatically boost customer, community member engagement, and conversion. When you go live, your viewers can give real-time feedback, ask questions, and participate using interactive features such as questionnaires and polls. This interaction establishes a much more active experience for your viewers.

New Revenue Opportunities

One of the key ways to generate revenue through your live streaming events is to leverage the power of video commerce and use the Bambuser platform to make your live shows shoppable, allowing your viewers to purchase any products you’re showcasing during the livestream. You can also set up paid, invitation-only livestreams, or establish a monthly subscription for people wishing to attend your live shows.

Archive and Repurpose Evergreen Content

Live streaming your event gives you a wealth of highly converting shoppable content you can archive, replay, and repurpose for your website and other online marketing channels to help grow your brand. Don’t make the mistake of not using your most popular short-form videos to increase sales and consumer interest directly from the content you create. You can also keep live stream recordings for promotional purposes or as on-demand content people can watch repeatedly.

Planning and Setting Up Live Stream Events

In many ways, planning and setting up a successful live video event is similar to managing a physical event. Still, some essential differences should not be ignored. The following steps will provide the necessary information to host a profitable live streaming event.

Define your goals: This step is the basis for all your decisions regarding your live stream events going forward. Define your live stream goals, and move all your actions towards achieving these goals.

Pick a topic and create content: If you find it challenging to produce engaging content, ask yourself, "What does my audience need?" You can also look at trending topics and see how those fit into your area of expertise. When you figure it out, you should be ready to create content. Test your equipment: Make sure your microphone, camera, and internet connection are functioning correctly. Conduct test streams to pinpoint and fix any technical problems.

Select the right platform: Choose a live-streaming platform tailored to your event’s needs. Consider aspects like interactivity, monetizing options, and estimated audience size.

Have a plan B: Mishaps can occur, so always have a backup plan in case of technical problems. Have alternative equipment, alternate internet connections, and even a backup streaming platform on standby.

Best Practices for Live Event Streaming

Adhering to a few best practices can make a huge difference.

Interact with your audience: Urge viewers to ask questions or comment. Responding in real time makes your viewers feel involved during the stream.

Check and fine-tune video and audio quality: Frequently check the stream’s video and audio quality to ensure a seamless experience. Adjust if necessary to sustain peak performance.

Encourage social sharing: Encourage participants to share your live stream on their social media platforms to increase engagement. Offer easily accessible buttons or links for sharing.

Monitor viewer analytics: Monitor viewer metrics, including engagement levels and watch time. This data will assist you in measuring the success of your live stream and pinpoint where improvements are necessary for future live stream events.

Maximizing Event Live Streaming for Your Business

For businesses, the time is now to consider the power of live streaming your events. By harnessing the power of this technology, you can eliminate the obstacles of location and time, connecting with a bigger audience than ever before. Whether your expertise is in the beauty, retail, automotive, or fashion industries, live streaming can help you generate valuable social selling opportunities.

Do you want your live stream event to increase audience engagement, create shoppable content, or generate new revenue streams? Book a video call with us today so we can help you level up your future live streaming events.

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