Use Case

One-to-one Live Video Shopping

We enable one-to-one personal meetings via livestreaming. Invite your customers to interact with your customer service or your experts directly from their mobile in a personlized live stream with shopping features.

One-to-one livestreaming for a personalized shopping experience

Take your customer service agents, your sales reps or your best store personnel online - enabling them to interact individually with customers for tailor-made experiences with product display, product comparison, add-to-cart and CRM APIs.

  • Easy access: no need for customer to login or download apps.
  • Personalised sale process: customize the product selection to each customer.
  • Concluded with finalised purchase: each live video shopping experience can end with add-to-cart to native cart.

Agent overview

Agent dashboard on desktop: Log in, verify customer queues, prepare for live chat, connect with customers.

  • Agent notification
  • Display product cards and function
  • Add-to-cart*
  • Interactive forms
  • Order export
  • CRM API (Dynamics, Salesforce) 

*either directly in native cart, or by order collection

Client experience

Client to access live video by clicking on pop-up on retailer site request call, await agent: expand live video tab

  • Pop-up access
  • Agent notification
  • View product cards
  • Request add-to-cart
  • Complete online forms
  • E-signature

Sales Agent workflow


  • Gather information about your customer
  • Manage customer queues and pre-booked meetings


  • Initiate video and chat
  • Display product cards with image and information
  • Use comparison tool
  • Launch interactive forms
  • Add-to-cart

Wrap up

  • Export order
  • Gather feedback and/or Interactive forms

Pricing and demo

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One-to-one Live Video Shopping

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