5 reasons you should use Bambuser's Channels

5 reasons you should use Bambuser's Channels
What is Bambuser's Channels?

Channels is a feature in Bambuser's dashboard that allows you to curate a beautiful playlist display of all your shows.

Once added to your website, Channels will automatically create a dynamic, responsive and interactive playlist where your customers can browse all your upcoming and past live shows from your chosen one website page.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should be using Channels to manage your library of live shows:

Speed boosts sales
Choose your layout
Fully flexible and branded
Paste and Go!
Take a look

1. Speed boosts sales

Channels enables you to make more sales by allowing your customers to find the live shows they want to watch faster than ever before (even if you have hundreds of shows in your library).

Your shows will all be displayed in one place to encourage your customers to browse other shows that interest them to help support increased time-on-site, video views and conversion.

2. Choose your layout

Channels are made up of the following three sections:

  • Featured shows
  • Upcoming shows
  • Ended shows

You can see the shows from any section easily by ticking or un-ticking their boxes.

Make browsing your live shows easy for your customers by putting all your Upcoming and Ended shows into your own customizable categories (e.g. Men, Women, Cosmetic, TVs etc.).

You can display multiple categories on one page and also customize the title and description to suit your brand.

3. Fully flexible and branded

Channels has a flexible and responsive design that adapts its layout to fit any screen, which means you’ll never lose a customer through frustration of poor web design.

Also, lots of elements within Channels are fully customizable such as fonts and colors, enabling you to make it look native and aligned with your brand.

4. Paste & Go

To get Channels up and running on your site, all you need to do is copy and paste the code from the code snippet in the dashboard into your html (compatible with Google Tag Managers).

If you don’t have Bambuser's mini player or full cart functions implemented into your site either, speak to your Bambuser contact to embed them all at once.

Find out more about implementation here.

5. Take a look

Don’t see Channels in your dashboard?

Please reach out to your Bambuser point of contact to include Channels on your site. Please note that Channels is only available for users on a lite/standard/enterprise plan.

Check out a live demo here!

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