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March 2023

Reshaping the Automotive Industry with Video Commerce

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Buying a car is seen as the second biggest financial decision in a person’s life behind buying a home.

It typically takes a very long time because of the number of considerations and questions, but Video Commerce is here to change that.


An outdated customer journey

The automotive industry has always had a traditional selling model where customers visit a showroom or dealership to get a feel for the aspects of a vehicle such as features, size, condition and more. They take a test drive, negotiate the price, then finally make the purchase with maybe a few days in-between to think it over.

Despite the purchase journey being mostly physical, today 92% of car buyers research online before they buy, and 29% of consumers indicate they want to buy their next car entirely online. What prevents more customers from completing the entire journey online is nothing more than manufacturers and dealerships failing to offer immersive, convincing online experiences.

Instead, they offer traditional online shopping with images, videos, a description and at best a 360-degree scan. The experience lacks the human touch and personalization customers need, so they, so they take time out of their lives to visit showrooms and dealerships.

However, with the rise of Video Commerce and shifting consumer behavior, the automotive industry is moving towards more innovative and convenient ways of selling.

29% of consumers indicate they want to buy their next car entirely online.

- McKinsey & Company

How can Video Commerce help?

Bambuser offers the most effective Video Commerce technology on the market, enabling automotive brands to generate high-quality leads by offering a human touch they can’t provide with traditional ecommerce.

Some automotive brands are already using Bambuser’s solutions to keep as much of the high value transactions online: Live Shopping via One-to-Many, and shoppable virtual consultations via One-to-One.

One-to-Many allows customers to experience vehicles with far more than images and standard showcase videos. The award-winning Live Shopping solution captures potential car buyers’ attention with livestreamed demonstrations hosted in real-time anywhere on the brand’s site, including the product page of the vehicle. It offers a two-way engaging experience where customers can ask questions and interact with knowledgeable hosts.

One-to-One is Bambuser’s industry-defining shoppable video calling solution that can be integrated into any ecommerce site. It enables customers to immediately join or schedule face-to-face virtual consultations with sales staff, either by clicking a designated button on a landing page, or via a pop-up widget that appears when and where you decide on your site.

Video Commerce use cases

Offer deeply personalized consultations

One-to-One empowers your staff to drive high value purchases online with a variety of features.

Within consultations, your staff can make selections of recommended products, answer customers’ questions, offer personalized advice and validation, and even add products to customers’ carts before they step foot in a showroom or dealership. 

The solution is also perfect for luxury purchases involving co-creation and customization, where customers want to deeply personalize their vehicle by choosing and designing specific interior and exterior details. 

Sales staff can host all kinds of calls, from five-minute chats to offer quick validation on pricing or specs, to in-depth consultations on personalized interior or a variety of models.

Generate leads at scale with live product launches

By going live with One-to-Many, you can generate a huge buzz with thousands of customers and generate pre-qualified leads on your latest models, features and services. 

From a single showroom to your global market you can launch new models and take your customers through virtual vehicle tours. The cutting-edge features within One-to-Many empower you to showcase new features in precise detail while giving potential customers the chance to ask questions in real-time from anywhere in the world.

A supporting marketing strategy drawn up by the professionals at Bambuser can help you maximize viewership and increase the likelihood of sales, as well build a strong, future-facing perception of your brand.


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