Bambuser launches a new self-service solution: One-to-Many Starter

Featuring the core functionality of Bambuser’s Live Video Shopping One-to-Many platform, the self-service platform was developed in response to surging demand from retailers of all sizes.

Today, Bambuser is thrilled to announce the launch of Live Video Shopping One-to-Many Starter. 

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, and requiring no long-term commitments or extensive onboarding processes, Starter is your self-service version of Bambuser’s popular One-to-Many platform. In just a few clicks, you can create a show and start live streaming right from your ecommerce site — regardless of your technical background. 

“We’ve seen an incredible increase in demand for Live Video Shopping since we launched the platform, and now that more businesses are seeing the impact the technology has on customer relationships and sales, what was once niche is becoming entirely mainstream,” said Jesper Funck, Chief Product Officer at Bambuser. 

Prices for One-to-Many Starter begin at $599 per month. To learn more about One-to-Many Starter and compare our different packages, please visit 

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Bambuser launches a new self-service solution: One-to-Many Starter

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