Bambuser CCO Sophie Abrahamsson on the accelerated surge of live stream shopping

The pandemic is reshaping the rules of traditional retail and accelerating the surge of live stream shopping. As businesses move online, brick-and-mortar retail as we know it might disappear. In an article in Verdict Magazine, Bambuser’s CCO Sophie Abrahamsson explains how the company’s video shopping technology could lead the future transformation of retail and how it will soon become a key segment of the industry, boosting sales in an unprecedented way.

But what does the future look like? Moving on from text and image formats, video is the most effective content for promoting products and services online. In the past two years, there have been more than 50,000 years’ worth of product review videos watched on mobile. Hence, it’s no surprise that video is the most natural form to proceed to the next phase of retail. 

“Everyone realises we need to be online; we need to interact with our customers online and more than ever we need to find a way that's more engaging, that creates more personal experiences where the brand can come across with their persona. All of a sudden, a static HTML page with a buy button doesn't really make the magic. What we do lack overall is the human connection, the interaction, the engagement and that's something that with our technology consumers can have and brands can adapt to,” explains Abrahamsson.

Customers want the in-store experience without having to visit the store and they want face-to-face interactions without actual physical contact. And that’s where the human element comes into play. From hosting events with influencers through showcasing and comparing products to giving personalized advice, there are numerous ways for businesses to work with this technology in order to reach more customers than ever before.

Touching upon recent numbers from the second quarter of 2020, Abrahamsson shared that Bambuser’s net sales grew by 669% year-over-year. During the pandemic, the company has raised $34.5m, bringing the total funding for the year to $45m. These numbers suggest that both retailers aiming for a digital transformation and consumers engaging in interactive shopping experiences are interested in video shopping.

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Bambuser CCO Sophie Abrahamsson on the accelerated surge of live stream shopping

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