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March 2022

One-to-Many pushes Live Video Shopping further thanks to a new upgrade

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Encourage add-to-cart clicks more than ever thanks to our new product page upgrade.

The new player PDP (product details page) enables brands to seamlessly showcase more in-depth product information such as materials used and detailed sizing. It was created with the goal of increasing our clients’ add-to-cart rate by providing customers with all the information they could ever need to make purchases.

Additionally, we’ve also optimized the recorded shows’ experience by enabling shoppers to quickly jump to sections (via timestamps) within shows where products were highlighted.

Take a closer look at the new PDP below.


1.  Display more product information

Provide your customers with all the information they need to make purchases with new features such as…

  • Product descriptions pulled directly from your site
  • Additional product size and color options
  • A variation picker that adjusts its size automatically to fit the player
  • A new, scrollable layout that keeps your customers browsing, increasing the likelihood of conversion


2.  Easily jump to products of interest

Now your customers can skip to the sections within your recorded shows that they really want to see.

The new timestamp feature on the PDP allows viewers to jump to the exact sections within your recorded shows where specific products are discussed.

The timestamps links appear both in the PDP as well as at the end of live shows, promoting customers to recap on the products they took an interest in.


3 reasons why you should upgrade to the new PDP today

  • Your customers will be more informed on your products and more likely to add-to-cart than ever before
  • You can access more data than ever via Bambuser stats such as add-to-cart rate
  • Your customers can find the products they want to buy easier than ever in recorded shows thanks to the new timestamp feature

If you’re a brand working with Bambuser that isn’t providing product information within your live shows player, find out more and upgrade your player here.

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