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January 2022

Bambuser’s One-to-One Live Video Shopping solution is made more intuitive with a new and improved User Interface.

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One-to-One has been upgraded. Here’s what we love about the new UI.

We’re excited to announce that the new Bambuser One-to-One user interface is now live. After a successful product launch in March last year, we have come to understand more about our users and how important it is to create authentic and long-lasting relationships with their customers. To encourage these relationships, we’ve upgraded our One-to-One solution to ensure it offers a truly enriching online personalized shopping experience.

The latest update represents a significant revision of the One-to-One experience. We’ve revamped the UI to make the agent tool more visually appealing, but also launched a number of improvements and new features to create a better, more bespoke and sales-encoring ecommerce experience.


1. Introducing Customer Interaction

We wanted to enable points of interaction for the customers within the call to drive engagement. As a result, lots of improvements have been made, with the following three being the most significant to customers.

Customers can now click on any product displayed in the product drawer and see the item in full view.

In the PDA, customers can interact and read more about the product in detail.

Once items have been added to the cart, customers can proceed to checkout at any time


2. PDA Product Display Area

The PDA now enables agents and customers to view products in a full display mode, browse images and read product information in better detail. One-to-One is now a more engaging product experience that encourages sales better than ever before.


3. The Product Draw

The product drawer is a new component shared by both the agent and the customer. The drawer contains a selection of products that the agent has chosen to display in the call. Once the products are in the drawer, the customer has the ability to open them and see them in full detail as they appear in the PDA.

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