Client Highlights
June 2022

Client highlights June 2022

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These three German, Italian and French brands have their own Live Shopping styles, using One-to-Many in unique ways to offer their customers insightful and fun experiences.

Get inspired by what they do well and hit the link at the bottom of the page to find out how you can do better with your live shows.



Hugo Boss

A global household name, Hugo Boss is one of the largest German luxury fashion houses, famous for their clothing, accessories, footwear, and fragrances.

Hugo Boss is a new Bambuser customer and STYLE LIKE A BOSS is their first ever live show, which was essentially a small unisex fashion show.  

The brand chose two German influencers known for their style to host the show, where they chatted about a new collection and tried on the latest pieces, live on air.





Perdormire is an Italian bed maker with a history of designing high quality beds with superior craftsmanship and innovation.

The brand uses One-to-Many to advertise and sell their beds to customers across Italy. Their unique Live Shopping setup consists of a smartphone and gimbal combined with help from a production agency that uses mics pinned to the presenters and a professional, considered approach to lighting.

Tutto in ordine con il letto contenitore compatto (Get everything in order with our compact storage bed) is a recent Perdormire show where three professional hosts guided viewers through small, intricate details of the bed shown.

The person manning the camera takes special care to show the quality of the materials with up-close, prolonged shots.

See all Perdormire’s live shows here.




Printemps is a French department store with a famous flagship store in Paris that has supplied stylish Parisians with beauty, fashion, accessories and lifestyle products since 1865.

What makes Printemps’ Live Shopping interesting is that each show is a numbered “episode”; which makes them easier to keep track of internally and easier for customers to find.  

The brand also opens their shows with glossy, branded pre-recorded footage and graphics, almost like the introduction to a high-production cost TV talk show.

Check out EPISODE 23: METS DES PAILLETTES DANS TA VIE (sparkle in your life), where the host kicks off the show with laughter by unsteadily rollerblading into the frame.

See all Printemps’ live shows here.


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