Client Highlights
May 2022

Client Highlights May 2022

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These three unique brands are leveraging One-to-Many in very different ways

Bambuser's One-to-Many is used by a growing variety of brands to sell and showcase products of all shapes and sizes.

Find out how these three very different Bambuser clients are using the technology in unique ways to nurture online sales and create stronger connections with their customers.


Toast is a UK brand that specializes in eco-friendly “slow fashion and home décor”.

The brand uses One-to-Many to host TOAST LIVE – a series of shows recorded using a very simple smartphone setup that provides customers with solid advice and insights on relevant dates throughout the year.

Check out these four live shows that achieved remarkable engagement and sales…

  • Styling Soft Furnishings at Home was hosted by stylist Sally Denning who stood alongside a showroom bed and guided viewers through different combinations of TOAST bedding items, keeping them engaged for 17 minutes.
  • Considered Approaches to our Menswear Fabrics was hosted by eco-conscious writer Fraser Southey and his daughter, Esther. Together they welcomed viewers to the TOAST store in central London to talk for over 13 minutes about the thoughtfully chosen fabrics in a new line of menswear.
  • Timeless designs and considered approaches with Merchant & Mills was a collaborative live show hosted on Earth Day. It gave viewers a 20-minute deep-dive into the craftsmanship that makes the brand. TOAST also used the One-to-Many time stamp feature when posting the completed show on their site, making it easy for their customers to find their favorite items.
  • Lastly, Decorating a Spring Table was a seasonal live show that connected viewers with a furniture specialist and TOAST’s in-house Assistant Buyer. Together the hosts guided the viewers through decorating a table to celebrate the arrival of spring.


TA Appliance is a Canadian, family-owned kitchen and outdoor goods retailer that uses One-to-Many to showcase products and broadcast cooking lessons that demonstrate what their products can do.

The Perfect Burger was a particularly successful 20-minute live show that was part of the Cookin’ With Clint series.

It was a great example of product placement and customer engagement because…

  • Local BBQ expert, Clint J Williams guided thousands of viewers through his process of cooking a burger from scratch using a featured gas grill.
  • Clint immediately created an engaging atmosphere by introducing everyone on set and encouraging viewers to ask questions about his process and the product via the chat function.
  • TA Appliance used One-to-Many’s seamless shoppable functionality to promote 11 products, each displaying exclusive discounted prices.
  • TA Appliance chose to purchase the Bambuser player which features the ‘Powered by Bambuser’ watermark. They also use a simple setup of a smartphone and a gimbal, keeping their production costs minimal.


QVC is an American flagship shopping channel using Bambuser’s One-to-Many to seamlessly take their global business model online.

In the Kitchen with David is an outstanding example of how versatile One-to-Many can be for a number of reasons…

  • The show was almost four hours long, providing viewers with an in-depth look at 18 different products ranging from specialty cuts of beef to a vacuum cleaner.
  • QVC uses an RTMP setup with multiple studio cameras to showcase unique product features and the results they achieve throughout the home.
  • RTMP also enabled QVC to feature prerecorded guest speakers and publicity spots shown throughout the four-hour show, guaranteeing their sponsors air time.


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