Client Highlights
October 2022

Client highlights October 2022

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Rewarding loyalty
to encourage sales.

Lush is an international cosmetics brand founded in the UK in 1995. In the US they use One-to-Many to host Lush Goes Live – a thriving Live Shopping channel featuring creator collabs, product launches, seasonal events and much more.

2022’s Halloween Live Event was a success because…

  • A strong sense of exclusivity was created by going live from a private page. Selected loyal customers were invited to shop limited edition products a day before the official launch, resulting in a higher than average add-to-cart rate.
  • Lush’s Brand and Product expert Erica Vega hosted the show, keeping viewers locked in with a free giveaway and in-depth, colorful bath bomb demos. She also extended the show by 15 minutes for a Q&A, giving customers more time to shop.
  • Lush’s simple setup leveraged the Bambuser App’s Selfie Mode, creating an intimate atmosphere that drove high engagement and conversion.




Pets on screen are a big incentive to tune in.

Founded in 1987, Arken Zoo is Sweden's largest nationwide pet chain with over 100 stores. The brand’s Live Shopping channel leverages both One-to-Many and One-to-One.

In this show (Swedish) the brand guides viewers through the latest reflective and glow in the dark gear, with help on how to safely walk dogs at night.

Arken Zoo’s secret to Live Shopping success is…

  • Most shows feature pets on screen, giving customers not only an on-brand and engaging experience, but a big incentive to tune in.
  • The channel offers live product demos and Q&As and provides insightful advice such as seasonal tips and nutritional information.
  • The brand worked with Bambuser’s production team and creative studio to refine their show format with a higher production quality and BTS photoshoots.




Frequency is the key to kickstarting Live Shopping.

TooA is a sustainable Italian ice cream machine brand that also offers a vast range of responsibly sourced, high-quality ingredients. Despite only using One-to-Many for a short time, TooA is nurturing a new, stronger connection with customers via their Live Shopping channel.

TooA has hit the ground running with Live Shopping because…

  • They hosted six shows in their first 27 days and now consistently go live every five days. This frequency has built them a strong Live Shopping identity and earned them a place in the diaries of customers. 25% of them engage in every show.
  • To convince customers to buy their high-consideration products costing more than €400, TooA leverages Live Shopping to provide in-depth demos and even open up the machine to show customers the innovative and reliable mechanics inside.
  • Like many brands, TooA keeps production costs low and profit margins high by going live with just a smartphone and in-house hosts. Stefano is the manager of the Milan flagship store and knows every product inside out, Chino is the engineer behind the innovative product.



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