November 2018

Field Service Operations


Field Service organizations are quickly realizing the necessity of having a suitable solution in order to optimize their current business processes.

Mobile live video for Field Services

Mobile live video, has the potential to significantly reduce delays in solving complex problems, and even eliminate the need for repeat call-outs.

Technicians can acquire remote expert advice and management sign-off, in real-time, from just about anywhere in the world – recording the whole interaction in the process for documentation purposes without the need of expensive hardware.

Enhancing operations with mobile live video

By using appropriate live video technology, combined with a mobile device and connection to the Internet, field service organizations can capitalize on the many benefits that such a solution brings.

A TSIA report has named video as one of their top trends for improving productivity and customer satisfaction within the field service industry.

Using Bambuser for optimizing operations

Mobile live video can be used in many capacities by employees out in the field.

Broadcasting from remote areas

First and foremost, for field service organizations a more reliable connection is required to ensure video and voice transmission while working in remote locations. Bambuser’s smart and adaptive technology demands much less bandwidth than other solutions and will ensure a solid experience.

In addition, our solution can eliminate the need for repeat service calls or technician’s requesting additional on-site support to solve difficult issues. As a result, a significant amount of time, resources and money can be saved within organizations.

Integrating live video to source user-generated content

With Bambuser’s SDKs and APIs, live video sharing capabilities can be provided to customers or the general public through any native app or online platform. Technicians can leverage this user-generated content to visually preview cases before making the service calls, resulting in faster issue resolutions.

Technicians can benefit with detailed information of the situation and will be aware to bring the correct tools and equipment required to complete specific jobs on the first visit.

Field service companies who can benefit from the solution

Bambuser’s mobile live video technology would be a perfect fit for organizations that:

  • Dispatch staff to conduct activities out in the field
  • Require a centralized hub for activities such as field dispatch, or customer and field support
  • Have reason to capture and store recorded video and photos for client progress updates or as evidence for quality assurance queries.

All captured content has valuable metadata associated with it, which can be used as a form of content validation, and proof of activities carried out.

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