Get video-first customer service (before it’s too late)

Get video-first customer service (before it’s too late)

Feb 3 2022 – A BamTalks event went live to the world from the Bambuser Stockholm HQ with two expert guests. 

The first, Morten Schwartzmann, is the productivity manager for Elkjøp – Scandinavia’s largest electronics retailer, managing customer interactions online and across their 400 stores.

The second guest was Lisa Rogalin, CEO, founder and Creative Director at The Rose Room – an innovative consultancy agency that teaches brands how to offer personal shopping experiences.

Take a look below at what they had to say on how One-to-One plays a crucial role in their two very different companies. 

1. What made you explore Live Video Shopping with One-to-One?

Morten Schwartzmann: 

“The pandemic forced us to think creatively. We suddenly realized the customers are not able to visit the stores in the same way as before. We needed to do something.”

Almost overnight Bambuser enabled Elkjøp to implement live shopping in all their stores across four countries. They immediately received excellent feedback from their customers, prompting them to cement One-to-One into their business model and make Bambuser an integral, permanent part of their in-store and online experience.

2. What problems has One-to-One solved and what successes have you seen?

Morten Schwartzmann: 

“We don't want people to meet a chatbot before speaking to the sales staff.  We want them to have the same experience as if they were visiting the store.”

One-to-One solved a huge problem Morten had been considering for years that was brought to the surface by the pandemic. Everything clicked into place as One-to-One enabled him to finally seamlessly align the in-store and online shopping experiences. For the first time, customers got in-store face-to-face help for their tech-related issues and queries where they really needed it, in their own homes.

3. Why Bambuser and not a competitor? 

Morten Schwartzmann: 

“Bambuser being that agile and that interested to actually hear us as a customer. I think that’s the key.”

Bambuser’s One-to-One provided Morten with a reliable and lucrative hybrid of in-store and online that the brand’s customers were eager to use because of the human element at its core. He also praised Bambuser for improving the solution off the back of his insightful feedback, and for being flexible enough to enable him to build a tailored in-store experience envisaged by his own sales staff.

4. Why is personal shopping so important right now? 

Lisa Rogalin:

“Today is more about winning the customer over, and this service [One-to-One] is the perfect tool.”


Lisa had seen the trend for personal shopping growing beyond the “the rich and famous” for a number of years, notably when Gallery Lafayette – the Paris department store – trained and educated 300 staff to be personal shoppers. She also mentioned German fashion brand Zolando investing in personal shopping solutions and NET-A-PORTER recently doubling their personal shopping department, showing that the threat of being left behind by reputable retail giants is imminent and very real.

5. How does Bambuser’s One-to-One compare to other solutions?

Lisa Rogalin:


“I read about One-to-One and I was so fascinated. The tool is absolutely amazing!”


Lisa mentioned that because of the pandemic she had seen lots of brands looking for digital solutions to replace the loss of footfall business and trying out popular tools such as WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams. But she felt only Bambuser’s One-to-One was viable because it’s so easy to use, it provides the appropriate professional touch and enables brands to mold their own, perfectly-suited personal shopping offering thanks to the insightful data and statistics it provides.

6. What are the risks of not adopting a personalized shopping solution? 

Lisa Rogalin:


“I don’t think there’s another option. People are expecting this [level of] service. ”


Lisa spoke of the certainty of customers coming back after experiencing a One-to-One call, witnessing a pattern within her own customer base. She claimed the solution will be essential in the future, saying: “In a year we’re all going to have our own personal shoppers”. She also mentioned that the stats from China have already shown that this new style of ecom suits the modern consumer who wants to shop with expert guidance outside of store opening hours.

One-to-One can work for your business, too. Book a free demo now to see how it feels from your customers’ perspective. 

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