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June 2022

Give Your Customers the Power to Vote with Polls

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Give your audience total control of what they see on screen with Polls: the latest and greatest One-to-Many feature that’s ready for you to use.

Take a look at the many ways your brand can add extra excitement to your live shows and give your customers a powerful influence.



1. Get to know your audience

Bambuser knows that Live Shopping is essentially centered around creating a dialogue on your native site. So, we created Polls to enable your brand to get real, deep insights into what your customers want. You can learn which demographics, gender, age and locations you’re dealing with


2. Immediate insights

Instead of wondering what your audience needs or wants, use polls to get your audience to dictate what happens in your live shows as they’re happening, or in upcoming shows. Not only will this spike sales in current shows, it can offer you invaluable direction on which products you should be focusing on in the future. Polls really is one of your most powerful research tools.


3. Make your customers feel relevant

The Polls feature makes your audience feel heard, involved and important, which are all extremely important factors when it comes to nurturing brand loyalty. Polls also boosts chat engagement significantly because customers – for the first time ever – are getting a live insight into other customers’ opinions.


4. Have some fun

Polls was also created so your brand can open itself up to your customers. If it’s not too far from your TOV, you can inject a sense of fun and create prolonged, sky high viewing figures by using Polls to host quizzes, share fun facts and play games such as “true or false”.


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