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November 2022

Go Live Faster Than Ever with the New iOS Broadcaster App

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Since 2019, our iOS Broadcaster app has led the industry because it makes Live Shopping easily available by hosting almost all of the broadcasting process within any mobile device.

The Bambuser Broadcaster app enables the brands who leverage One-to-Many to go live quickly, easily and spontaneously while maintaining a high-quality livestream that connects them with thousands of customers. To host a successful Live Shopping event there really is no need for a big budget with lots of planning, or to hook up to RTMP or have a whole team on standby.

With this update we've put everything in one place. Every component you need to go live now lives within the iOS Broadcaster app. Plus, it now looks even better with an updated UI that makes the user experience even more intuitive and sleek.

On the surface our design team has done an amazing job giving the app a more native Bambuser look and feel, and in the backend we’ve made some smart changes to allow us to add more features in the future.

Here is what’s new in Bambuser’s iOS Broadcaster app:


Swipe through your Live Shopping shows

Thanks to an all-new carousel feature you can now navigate through your Live Shopping events with ease. With a bird’s-eye view you can switch between your upcoming and ended shows with a simple swipe motion that feels more familiar.


Edit show details in seconds

Now it’s easier than ever for you to edit* your most important metadata directly in the app, such as date, time, title and description. We’ve removed the hurdle of needing to head to the Bambuser Dashboard on a desktop, giving you more remote flexibility and control.

*Edit access is available to users with access to: 1) create, edit and view all shows, and 2) create, edit and view stats on own shows. Learn more about roles and permissions here.


A new robust and reliable network test

We’ve built the in-app network test from the ground up to automatically test your connection speed when you’re preparing to go live. It’s robust and reliable and gives you the green light to go live when you’re in optimal conditions. On the flip side, it also provides the crucial service of letting you know when your connection is weak.

The test was designed to give you peace of mind, knowing that whenever you face your audience, it’ll always be within a smooth and uninterrupted livestream.


Dark & light mode, just like the rest of your iPhone.

Now you can seamlessly match the Bambuser app with your general iPhone preferences. Simply head to the top right hand corner of the setting page within the iOS Broadcaster app to make your selection.


Get set to go live!


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