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March 2022

Guide customers to complete sales with Cobrowsing

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A huge, innovative step forward in digital personal shopping experiences, Cobrowsing enables brands’ agents to simultaneously ‘browse’ their sites alongside their customers in real-time. The update makes One-to-One a truly seamless online customer experience that genuinely feels like an interactive, in-store experience.


1. How it works

When a customer connects with an agent in One-to-One, Cobrowsing enables the agent to join the customer on the exact page the customer is viewing. The agent can then easily assist their customers' needs while seeing the same site as their customer.


2. Key features

Bambuser’s Cobrowsing comes with integrated key features that are essential for the agent to provide a fully seamless personalized shopping experience.

  • The ability to see customers’ browsing history to see which items they’re interested in.
  • The agent can track what products the customer browses during the call, in real-time.
  • The agent can bring the customer to specific product pages or site URLs with one click.
  • Products can be added to the customers’ carts both by the agent and the customer within the call, seamlessly syncing with the native site’s basket.


3. Empower your online and in-store sales associates

By adding cobrowsing to your brand’s site, you enable your sales staff to assist your sales in a whole new way and provide exceptional customer support that will lead to significantly less cart abandon rate, shorten purchase funnels and increased sales.


Unlock Cobrowsing with One-to-One for your brand.


If your brand is already using One-to-One, speak to your Bambuser point of contact to equip Cobrowsing or contact

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