April 2022

How to sync your online and in-store experiences

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Retail is evolving quickly. These days customers expect your online presence and in-store experience to be a perfect reflection of one another. They want your site to offer the same face-to-face customer service, product guidance and inspiring content that they would experience in-store.

How do you meet these expectations?

By effectively utilizing One-to-One with these tips and tricks, provided by Bambuser’s in-house customer experience experts.

Discover how to increase your number of calls and the perfect time to reach out to your browsing customers.


69% of Europeans want to be inspired when shopping online.

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1. Put your staff exactly where your customers need them

When customers walk into your store to browse or seek out specific items, they will probably start looking for a member of staff to answer any product specific questions they might have about spec, color, size, material, etc.

If we translate this to an online scenario, it’s a customer on a PDP (Product Description Page), with only a small amount of info to answer their questions.

After swiftly integrating One-to-One into your PDPs, you can guide customers to make purchases with all the information they need and create a dependable, long-term sales funnel.

Plus, you’ll benefit from the surge in calls Bambuser has recorded in clients embedding One-to-One alongside products.


2. Follow customer behavior

Coming out of a global pandemic, the retail landscape has changed dramatically.

After a long time shopping only online, customers have become numb to it and are turning to face-to-face in-store experiences.

With the unique, personalized and human-first shopping experience One-to-One provides, you can refresh your customers’ online experience and in-turn nurture stronger, long-term relationships with them.

Bambuser recommends:

  • Putting a strong focus on training the sales team that meets shoppers in One-to-One calls; they are your customer-facing heroes!
  • Identify success for you. What is a key metric that you are trying to measure?


3. Three easy ways to enhance your customers’ experience

As well as the above One-to-One tips, why not totally refresh and improve how your brand uses the solution by implementing its latest features at the same time?

  • Cobrowsing
  • Overlay Widget
  • Surf in queue

Please reach out to your Bambuser point of contact to discuss and activate any of the tips and features shown in this article.

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