February 2022

Introducing Bambuser Academy

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Average Engagement Rate

10 min

Average Viewing Time


Average Add-To-Cart Click Rate


Learn today, win tomorrow.

For the past three years, social commerce and Live Video Shopping have been the fastest growing sales and marketing phenomenon within ecommerce.

If done right, the above averages are statistics and results you can expect to experience, too.

Bambuser Academy is here to bring the insights and education you need to succeed and skyrocket your conversion, engagement, basket size and customer loyalty.

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What is it?

Bambuser Academy is the world’s first educational platform dedicated to social commerce. It's every brand's chance to learn from Bambuser experts and get insights on everything from:

  • How to create engaging content that converts
  • How to market and build hype around your shows
  • The best ways to interact with your audience
  • How to launch a product effectively and with style
  • How to set up lighting, what devices are needed
  • Plus much, much more!

As the market leader in the Live Video Shopping industry and the preferred partner for brands such as LVMH, Farfetch, Adidas and Samsung, Bambuser has more experience and data across all industries and cultures than any other provider.


Who is it for?

Everyone is welcome to join Bambuser Academy. We cater to every level of Live Video Shopping experience, from in-depth setup help for beginners, to elevation tips and tricks for experts.


Why do you need it?

Live Video Shopping can offer great results as you can see from the stats at the top of this page. However, stats like that don't happen overnight, or by magic.

Whether you want to boost sales, launch new products or create deep connections with your customers, there is always a certain formula that will suit your needs best.  

At Bambuser Academy, we offer a variety of courses on everything you could possibly need to succeed with your Live Video Shopping. We can help you use our solutions to achieve your unique, tailored KPIs and brand values.

Our best-in-class records are certainly impressive, but they are certain to increase as the world adopts Live Video Shopping more and more.

Will it be your brand that surpasses them?


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