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January 2023

Introducing: Invite-Only within One-to-Many

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Nurture next-level loyalty with password protected Live Shopping events

The key to succeeding in ecommerce in 2023 is personalization.

Brands who invest in technologies that deliver personalized shopping experiences are rewarded with loyal customers, increased revenue, and a boosted bottom line. Brands who fail to provide enough of a personalized feel are bound to struggle to meet consumer demands in 2023 and beyond.

To help you offer this sense of personalization, we’re thrilled to launch Invite-Only – a new way for you to nurture deeper loyalty and encourage even more sales from dedicated customers by inviting select groups into password protected Live Shopping events.


For the first time ever, we’ve made Live Shopping an exclusive experience. We can’t wait to see what our customers do with this!

Andreas, Product Manager, One-to-Many


Invite-Only use cases

The new One-to-Many feature opens up a world of new possibilities and ideas for brands to innovate their Live Shopping strategies. Here are some examples:


Host exclusive product launches

Create a huge buzz by using Invite-Only to welcome an exclusive guestlist to see a new product, brand or collection. Have some fun with giveaways, special discounts and early shoppable access

Pro tip: Make a signup list and let your audience know that seats are limited. This will boost the sense of exclusivity and make your customers not to miss out on!


Welcome loyal customers into discussions

Invite-Only events are a great addition to rewards and membership programs because they provide an atmosphere where you can selectively engage your community and give your most dedicated customers the recognition they deserve.

Pro tip: Make sure to speak up about your appreciation for your customers within the exclusive event. Make them feel heard and valued as much as possible.


Expand your members club

Invite-Only events are a great addition to rewards/membership programs because they’re a great way to engage your existing community and really give your most prevalent and dedicated customers the recognition they deserve.

Pro tip: Make sure all your customers see the buildup to the exclusive events to create a palpable sense of FOMO.


How does Bambuser’s
Invite-Only work?

Invite-Only is available to all Bambuser Enterprise customers using One-to-Many and is made possible without any tricky changes to the integration code.

You can access Invite-Only from within the Bambuser Dashboard, in the same place you usually set up any Live Shopping event. All you need to do is reach out to your Bambuser point of contact to enable it, then every time you set up an event, you’ll see the option to make it password protected.

Once you’ve entered a custom password, it’s up to who you share it with and how. You can include in a newsletter, an email receipt or in a typical Live Shopping event invitation email.

We can’t wait to see the unique way your brand uses this existing new feature within your Live Shopping strategy.


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