December 2018

Live streaming in mobile apps


Many app users favor all-inclusive apps – apps that are almost a one-stop-shop for a multitude of activities – and as such, tech companies are trying to find the best approach for facilitating those customer desires. Other smaller enterprises and startups are simply trying to find a way to bring their mobile application ideas to life.

Growing popularity in mobile live video

Mobile live video is all the rage right now. It has become a common feature for communication and engagement in mobile apps.

When face-to-face interaction isn’t possible, mobile live video connects people in ways which other forms of communication doesn’t allow. Live streaming via a mobile device is easier, faster, cheaper, and more effective than ever before, and it’s beginning to receive the attention and recognition that it deserves.

As a result, many tech companies are looking to integrate this thriving technology into their native apps and online platforms, while others are simply trying leverage this growing trend by developing standalone live streaming apps.

However, creating such live streaming technology is extremely complex, and requires substantial amounts developer resources, video infrastructure, and continued maintenance.

This is where live streaming SDKs can help

Mobile live video SDKs and APIs make it possible for mobile platforms to quickly and easily integrate mobile live video capabilities into their native apps and online platforms.

Enterprises who develop mobile apps can integrate live video into their existing set-up as an additional feature and complementary element to their current offering. Developers can also use this technology to create their own ultra low-latency live streaming platforms and source user-generated content from within their own app.

Bambuser’s end-to-end live video platform

Bambuser offers tech enterprises and entrepreneurs the opportunity to leverage the power of mobile live video, and harness that capability into effective and cost-efficient outputs.

Robust streaming technology handles HD video and adapts quality based on the strength of network condition. Bambuser takes the pain out of the entire process by offering end-to-end live streaming capabilities.

With our solution, the challenges of managing the infrastructure required to broadcast live video to thousands of viewers on different devices are completely eradicated.

Everything from video maintenance and scaling to stability is taken care, leaving tech enterprises free to concentrate on other aspects of their mobile apps.

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