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January 2023

Major Update in Bambuser’s Exclusive Split Screen Feature

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Showcase your products in more detail than ever before

To help you fully communicate the look and feel of your products and tell their unique stories in more detail, we’re thrilled to announce Template Switching – a new major upgrade to our market-leading Split Screen feature.

When we launched natively integrated Split Screen feature it opened the door to new a new Live Shopping format with dual-hosted events and the ability to broadcast from two cameras simultaneously.

With this update you can customize your Split Screen layouts, giving you the power of a production studio from the Bambuser broadcaster mobile app. Choose from four new, dynamic templates including Top-and-Bottom, Side-by-Side or Spotlight – where one host in particular is the focus.


Template Switching is yet another huge step forward for Live Shopping. It’s like having a production studio in your pocket!

David, CPTO Bambuser


Template Switching
use cases

Split Screen templates open up a world of new opportunities and ideas for broadcasting Live Shopping events.
We rounded up a few ideas to get you started:


Showcase products up close

Let’s say you host a cooking show or an unboxing, you need a setup that gives a good view of the intricacies of a cooking technique or a tiny but vital product feature.

A multi-camera setup is the perfect solution that also adds a professional touch. One camera shows your host’s face while the other is simply placed on a tripod to provide all the details the viewer needs.

Recommended template: Spotlight


Chit-chat from across the globe

One of the main reasons to use a split screen is to host events around a conversation between two people in two different places.

A split screen setup is perfect to maximize viewer engagement and reach because it allows your global viewers to chat in real time with both the host and the guest. It’s great way to establish your brand as an expert on topics related to your industry.

Recommended template: All


Take customers behind the scenes

Customers are always looking for insights and the brands who can tell them something useful they don’t already know. Use one camera to show your host’s face while the second takes the viewers backstage.

This setup is a great way to establish brand loyalty and gives your audience the chance to not only learn more about your products in detail, but to get a feeling of exclusivity with a sneak peak behind the curtain.

Recommended layout: Side-by-Side or Spotlight.


Get started with
Template Switching

Template Switching comes as standard with the Split Screen feature and Currently there are four options to choose from. The feature requires minimal technical expertise and available within the broadcaster app to all our One-to-Many customers.

To enable the Split Screen feature, go to the Bambuser Dashboard, create your show and click ‘add guest host’. Then, head over to the Bambuser Broadcaster App to select which Split Screen template suits you best.

A waiting room will launch where you’ll meet your guest host or be able to view the other iPhone setup and ensure you have the optimum output before you go live.

Head to our knowledge base to learn more.


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