December 2018

Mobile Live Video, the new norm for communication


Over the years we have seen live video broadcasting filter down from big-budget production companies and large organizations and completely proliferate into the mainstream and general public alike.

We can thank a number of elements for this;

– The developments in technology which continuously provide us with more advanced hardware, that is smaller and cheaper than ever before, maintaining an equal or greater quality.

– Improved internet networks, capable of transferring larger amounts of data at record speeds.

– A general shift in people’s behaviors, perceptions and overall savvy-ness in relation to technology, online communication, business practices and more.

– …And of course, the ever-present influence of popular culture.

The general public has really embraced mobile live video. The culture of sharing elements of your life via social media, such as posting pictures and videos, airing various thoughts and feelings, and communicating with your friends, family, and extended circles is well established.

It makes perfect sense, that when given the opportunity to share a live video of your experiences with your followers, people will, of course, use it. People that are posting the live videos get enjoyment from sharing their lives in real-time, and people that are viewing the content enjoy it because they feel included, even when they not physically present.

Viewers can comment and interact with videos as they watch, and the people at the other end of the camera can respond instantly. It’s the perfect format for communication!

Even with the plethora of benefits that mobile live video brings to the general public, businesses are the real winners here. In recent years, mobile live video has dramatically improved business operations across a multitude of departments.

Mobile live video is now commonly used for the following purposes:

  • Powerful Marketing and PR tool to drive incremental engagement.
  • Gather user-generated content and video inventory for their platforms.
  • Reporting and documenting quality assurance and other routine inspections.
  • Facilitating training of new or junior members of staff.
  • As a multi-purpose communications tool between technicians assisting with complex issues and helping to solve problems the first time around.

Mobile live video is definitely here to stay, we can only imagine what heights this technology will take us to in the future.

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