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April 2023

One-to-One Quarterly Update: Q1 2023

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One-to-One has been expanded with practical features, giving brands the tools they need to get closer to customers at a time when personalized relationships are more vital than ever.


Offer customers personalized virtual consultations with Bookings

Bookings is the newest ground-breaking feature within One-to-One, allowing a totally new way for customers to schedule intimate and personalized virtual consultations with agents.

Scheduling consultations within One-to-One was previously only possible through integrating with a third party vendor, but in Q1 2023 a turnkey solution was built to make it easier than ever to meet with more shoppers, without any additional integration or system maintenance.

If you’re a Bambuser customer, activate Bookings today by speaking to your Success Manager.

With a 78% higher AOV than traditional ecom, we see a strong purchase intent with Bookings, where brands offer customers the highest level of product expertise and service excellence, just like they would in a physical store.

Louise Blomqvist, President of EMEA, Bambuser


Give customers the support
they’re looking for

Customers can be impatient when waiting for help from staff, leading them to sometimes drop off if they don’t join a One-to-One call quickly. To prevent these conversion opportunities slipping away, a new contact form has been introduced to the Call Widget.

The form appears for customers when they leave a queue, giving them the opportunity to provide their details so staff can reach out to them personally and keep the chance of a sale alive.


Organize your staff with Groups

Groups is a new feature available in the Admin Dashboard that allows you to organize your users by criteria, such as their expertise or location. The feature can also be used to quickly assign multiple users to specific queues and vice versa.

This smart feature was built with larger enterprise brands in mind, giving them the power to take better control when managing multiple users.


Deeper insights to improve
customer satisfaction.

Getting insightful customer feedback is key to improving the overall One-to-One experience and ultimately driving revenue.

To provide staff with this, the Agent Tool has been upgraded with Call Feedback – a feature that appears at the end of every call, giving them a better insight into their performance to identify areas for improvement.

Additional One-to-One

New stats in the Agent Leaderboard
Dashboard Admins can now view agent’s average Call Rating in the Agent Leaderboard, giving them a bird’s eye view over staff performance.

Deeper product data in the CSV export
Two new fields have been added to the CSV export: “Products added to cart” and “Purchased products”, offering even more insight into customers’ purchase funnels.

Virtual background now available in App
Bambuser app users can now enable a virtual or blurred background within their calls, offering a sense of privacy and professionalism from wherever they are.


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