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November 2018


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About RaceONE

The issue of not being able to follow participants in a race until it was over spawned the idea for RaceONE. The company currently offers participants and spectators a better way to interact and follow races in real-time with over 250 000 users.

How the RaceONE app works

RaceONE lets organizers add their own events to the app, giving a medium for participants to share their races with spectators.Participants tracking via GPS allows anyone to follow real-time progress on the map along with live statistics at checkpoints along the track.

The RaceONE crew sets up camera’s at checkpoints, enabling a live video feed of people passing by with Bambuser’s live video platform.

Enhancing live races with mobile live video

In addition to providing an interactive feed for following a race participant, RaceONE took the next step to integrate live video into their app with the help of Bambuser SDKs. The app is built using Cordova, and RaceONE was able to easily integrate Bambuser SDKs into their app to add live video functionality for enhancing the live feeling of their app. The team was looking for a solution that would also store videos after being recorded to let users view the streams on-demand.

It was very easy to integrate Bambuser and it met all of our needs. The API is well documented and the implementation went smoothly. The SDK was easy to add to our app to record and stream live video.

We asked some questions to one of RaceONE’s founders and CTO, Patrik Corneliusson, to hear more about their experience with Bambuser:

How has Bambuser met your expectations in terms of integration and the overall product?

Bambuser exceeded our expectations. Since we are using Cordova, we initially thought there would be more work involved. Bambuser as a product was exactly what we were looking for, offering live video functionality where we could also store videos for on-demand viewing.

How has live video benefitted RaceONE?

RaceONE is always striving to improve the experience for our users following races. We want friends and family to feel that they are present during a race by being able to see an athlete’s performance in real-time. Video gives a deeper understanding and view of an athlete, and therefore contributes a lot to RaceONE.Bambuser is used both to follow the lead during races and by the crowd to live stream video for those following the same participants.

What do you like the most with Bambuser as a solution?

The ease of getting started with proper documentation, helpful technical support and product features that match our needs.

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