March 2020

Interactive Live Streaming for Real Estate

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The future of real estate

Blend offline and online and take your potential customers on a tour of the properties directly in their smartphones. Our data shows skyrocketing engagement with 25% of viewers chatting and an average watching time of 11 minutes. An engaging and entertaining viewing experience that requires no app or login for the viewers!

What only Bambuser Live offers

  • No impact on site speed
  • White label: your brand identity
  • Recorded show and downloadable chat
  • No collection of custemer data

How to get started

Go from sign to live in less than 10 days

  • Approve design and visual expression of player
  • Embed player on your site
  • Enable product injection (properties, price, specifications)
  • Download iOS / Android app to broadcast
  • Create event and add properties to promote
  • Go-live!

Pricing and demo

To book a demo and get our price list

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Ready to reach all-new records?

Whether you’re 100% prepared to scale your e-commerce or need more info, Team Bambuser are ready to tailor to your perfect needs.

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