Unexpected crowd: Sweden’s oldest marketplace goes digital for the first time

Unexpected crowd: Sweden’s oldest marketplace goes digital for the first time

First held in 1605, the Jokkmokk Market is an annual tradition in northern Sweden, showcasing the best of Sámi culture. Despite taking place in freezing temperatures in the middle of winter, the market is attended by thousands of people every year.

This year’s highly anticipated event was different in many ways. Due to COVID-19 and social distancing requirements, Jokkmokk could not hold their market in the traditional way. But rather than canceling the event — for the first time in 416 years — they decided to shift the events to a digital format. 

Using Bambuser’s One-to-Many solution, Jokkmokk market was able to offer a live shopping experience to visitors from all over the world. According to SVT, Sweden’s national public television broadcaster, the digital market received over 100,000 unique visitors throughout the three-day event: more than double the number of people who usually attend the market in person. 

What conclusion can be drawn from Jokkmokk’s digital success? Live shopping is a viable option and opens the door to new customers. It doesn’t matter what you sell: If people can buy it online, live shopping can help you sell more of it. 

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118,000 unique visitors at Jokkmokk’s digital market: “Happy for the result!” (SVT, in Swedish)

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