June 2021

Styling tips and self love: Cubus + the Parneviks

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Cubus is one of Scandinavia's largest clothing chains, selling fashionable and high-quality clothing and accessories for men, women, and children.

Peg, Penny, and Philippa Parnevik are no strangers to a good cause: They have been promoting sustainability, self-love, and sisterhood for many years on TV and to their combined millions of Instagram followers. As Cubus brand ambassadors, they were a natural fit to be the hosts of Cubus’ first foray into Live Video Shopping.

“We wanted to find our angle, and our collaboration with the Parneviks felt like a perfect intro for our debut with live shopping.”

— Johan Jakobsson, Marketing Manager at Cubus

The live show was broadcast from the Lobby Live studio in downtown Stockholm, which allowed Cubus the opportunity to use multiple scenarios and backdrops. As the show progressed, the sisters moved from one set piece to another — including a wall of denim clothing and a stocked accessory counter. In each scenario, they modeled different pieces of clothing, chatted with viewers, and talked about the show’s theme of self-love.

“The idea for the theme of self-love came from the sisters, and it felt so right because of their personalities. They are open, they are real, they are inclusive, and they are honest. The theme also matched with how clothes make you feel depending on how you’re wearing them based on fit, size or just styling.”

— Johan Jakobsson, Marketing Manager at Cubus


The objective for this first live shopping event was all about learning — and in that sense, the show was an unmitigated success.

“Since the objective was learning for us – it definitely met our expectations. It gave us the taste for more live shopping!”

— Johan Jakobsson, Marketing Manager at Cubus

But the show was a success in a practical sense too. More than 2000 viewers tuned in to the live event, with an average viewing time of around 11 minutes — excellent audience turnout and engagement for a first live broadcast. The recorded show brought in an additional 3000+ viewers in the days after the live show. The show continues to bring in sales for Cubus, and the turnover tripled two days after the broadcast.

And what about the Parnevik sisters — how did they enjoy being Live Shopping hosts? Here’s what they had to say:

“We loved hosting a live video shopping event with Cubus, and we think it's super important to boost others and inspire other people to love their bodies.”

Top 3 takeaways

  • Celebrities/influencers make good live shopping hosts because they bring their own audience, personality and authenticity. Use organic and paid social media to promote the event to the right audience.
  • Self-love is a great theme for live shopping because it can apply to many different types of products.
  • If your hosts are enjoying themselves, the audience will enjoy the experience too.

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