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May 2022

Utilize the Bambuser feature that boosts viewers by +125%

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The Floating Action Button: Capitalize on your site’s organic traffic with one of Bambuser’s most popular features.

The FAB is one of Bambuser's most popular out-of-the-box features used by most of our clients.

It's an easy to use add-on that automatically invites browsing customers to immediately join and shop your shows as they’re live across your entire site (or the pages you select).

This article reveals how the FAB can enhance your ecom strategy and why you should be using it the next time you go live.


More viewers. More engagement. More sales.

Bambuser’s data shows that brands utilizing the FAB attract up to 125% more viewers tuning in live. 125% more viewers means 125% more engagement and likelihood of sales.


Promote your shows easily with less effort

On-site banners, newsletters and social media posts are great ways to promote your shows, but they require a lot of team effort and cost. The FAB appears on your site automatically when you go live, effortlessly inviting customers to join with an impressive 58% average click-through rate.


Keep your customers on your site longer

The FAB not only invites your browsing customers to join your shows, it also keeps them engaged once they’re in.

Across Bambuser’s client base, the FAB is proven to encourage customers to stay within live shows for an incredible 9-minute average viewing time, which is almost twice as long as customers spend on average simply browsing.


Get the FAB today

Feature the FAB on your site the next time you go live by following the simple steps in the Dashboard. Learn how.

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