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June 2023

Video Commerce used by Consumer Electronic Retailers

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Selling complex products online has always been challenging. The rise of Video Commerce facilitates higher sales as the items can be demonstrated by a brand expert, who can simultaneously showcase features and offer personalized advice.


Consumer Electronic retailers have long been recognized for their exceptional in-store service and personalized advice. However, with the shift towards online shopping, it's crucial for these retailers to adapt and provide the same level of service and guidance in the digital realm.

Video Commerce offers a compelling solution to bridge this gap and ensure that customers receive the same outstanding assistance and advice they are accustomed to, even when shopping online.

Discover how Video Commerce tailored for Consumer Electronic retailers can revolutionize customer engagement and conversion to beat the competitive market.

Livestreamed product launches allow enthusiasts to feel directly connected to the brand by engaging in real-time conversations.

Product Discovery Made Easy

Consumer electronic brands thrive on showcasing their cutting-edge products and devices. Shoppable Videos provide an unparalleled opportunity for product experts to demonstrate the features and functionalities of their products in an engaging and interactive way when customers need it the most. By integrating clickable product highlights within the video, viewers can instantly access additional information, product specifications, and even make purchases directly while watching the video on the brand’s website. This immersive experience made possible through Bambuser’s One-to-Many solution allows potential buyers to truly immerse with the brand, leading to increased engagement and conversions.

Product Launches At Scale

Gone are the days when enthusiasts queued for hours to witness the unveiling of the next big gadget. Today, major consumer electronic brands understand the importance of leveraging livestreams and video platforms to captivate audiences, build hype, and create a global buzz around their new products.

With Bambuser’s One-to-Many solution, brands can deliver highly engaging live video experiences to thousands of eager viewers worldwide and invite them to witness the excitement unfold in real-time. Livestreamed product launches allow enthusiasts to feel directly connected to the brand by engaging in real-time conversations, answering questions, and providing exclusive insights. Thanks to One-to-Many’s integrated commerce capabilities within streams, consumer electronic brands can furthermore transform the captured audience into tangible sales.

Real-Time Product Assistance

Shoppable Video Calls enable Consumer Electronic retailers to recreate the immersive and personalized experience that customers enjoy in physical stores. Bambuser’s One-to-One solution offers an opportunity where customers can connect directly with knowledgeable sales representatives during their buying journey to get real-time product assistance, ask questions and get personalized product recommendations. This personalized assistance helps customers make informed purchasing decisions, leading to increased satisfaction and less returns.

Elkjop - The largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordics managed to increase their margins and achieve 30% sales conversion by using One-to-One. Read the full case study here to learn more about their success story.

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